RPM Technology - Aircraft Cleaner and Degreaser, Gallon Jug | 2510-120

RPM Technology


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RPM Technology - Aircraft Cleaner and Degreaser,  Gallon Jug | 2510-120

eOx Aircraft Cleaner (AC) is a specialty product for the aviation industry. eOx AC is suitable for external and internal cleaning of virtually all metal and/or painted surfaces. eOx Aircraft Cleaner completely removes difficult substances such as hydraulic oil, grease, carbon, brake dust and dirt safely and easily. Unlike other cleaners that only remove surface contamination, eOx AC removes chemicals and dirt from the grain of the paint thus making it look new and extending its useful life.


  • SAE Specification: AMS 155A
  • SAE Specification: AMS 1525B
  • Boeing Specification: D6-17487
  • Boeing McDonnell Douglas Specification: CSD#1