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eOx® Aircraft Cleaner is a specialized product for the aviation industry. It is effective for external and internal cleaning of all metal and painted surfaces. With its unique formula, eOx AC can safely and efficiently remove challenging substances such as hydraulic oil, grease, carbon, brake dust, and dirt. Unlike other cleaners that only eliminate surface contamination, eOx AC penetrates deep into the grain of the paint, leaving it looking refreshed and prolonging its lifespan. This product meets the standards of Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CSD #1, AMS 1525B, and AMS 155A.


  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-hazardous – Not subject to dangerous goods regulations.
  • No phosphates, acids, or silicones
  • High biodegradability (tested by the University of Ghent, Belgium)
  • Very economical to use.
  • It contains no phosphates, acids, or silicones and is non-butyl.
  • Safe to use on all surfaces, including metal, plastic & rubber materials, with no stock loss.
  • Fast, intense cleaning action surpasses other cleaners’ performance.
    Cleaned surfaces become slightly antistatic and corrosion-inhibitive for up to 4 weeks.
  • It can be effectively used as a spray-on & wipe-off process.
  • Safe for use in high-pressure washers, immersion systems, and ultrasonic machines.
  • Fresh smell – NOT citrus


Commercial Aircraft Savings / Aircraft / Year
Factor    Fuel Cost/Year    Drag Reduction    Fuel Savings per plane per year
Fuel    $8,200,000    0.5%    $41,000
Factor    Current man-hours/plane    New man-hours/plane    Labor Savings per plane per year
Cleaning Time    36    14    $1,540
Total savings per aircraft per year: $42,540

How much can your company save?


eOx AC can be used in wet or dry-wash aircraft cleaning applications. It can also clean smaller parts in an ultrasonic cleaning tank.

  • When applying eOx AC with a spray applicator, start working from the bottom to the top to avoid getting stripes on the fuselage or other large surfaces.
  • Work on limited areas so that the product does not dry before rinsing.
  • Whatever system is used for cleaning with eOx AC, a mechanical action (brush, sponge, aeration of solution, ultrasonic, etc.) is required to break the dirt's surface tension. Just wetting or soaking for an extended time will not be sufficient.
  • After two cleanings, eOx AC will form an anti-static layer on the cleaned surface.
  • This layer helps prevent dirt from sticking to the surface in the future, making removing it easier. Over time, the dilution can then be increased up to 1:8 maximum.
  • Warming eOx AC accelerates the cleaning process.
  • Circulation of the solution in a parts washer will enhance cleaning.
  • Ultrasonic baths may accelerate cleaning time but are not required.
  • To facilitate disposal, contaminants may be precipitated or filtered from the eOx AC product solution. The remaining six ACs may be reused provided pH continues to meet specifications.


  • SAE Specification: AMS 155A
  • SAE Specification: AMS 1525B
  • Boeing Specification: D6-17487
  • Boeing McDonnell Douglas Specification: CSD#1