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Rod Machado


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Rod Machado's How to Fly an Airplane Handbook, Flight Maneuvers and Stick and Rudder Skills

This valuable one-stop handbook contains the information necessary to:

Learn the basic fundamentals of flying any airplane.

Make flight training easier, less expensive and more enjoyable.

Master all the private and commercial checkride maneuvers.

Learn the "stick and rudder" philosophy of flying an airplane.

Prevent an airplane from accidentally stalling and spinning.

Allow you to learn to land an airplane quickly and enjoyably.

Make you a better instructor by providing unique teaching strategies and explanations for student training.


As a comprehensive information source book, these pages include:

Practical flying skills that rely on sights, sounds and tactile sensations.

The theory and practice of attitude flying for pilots of all levels.

Multiple strategies for evaluating when to round out and flare for landing.

Multiple methods for controlling the airplane's glidepath and airspeed.

Strategies for evaluating the desired landing spot and glidepath angle.

Techniques for understanding and flying ground reference maneuvers.              

Landing corrections for bounces, floating, porpoising and ballooning.          

Advice, wisdom and insights based on practical flying experience.

Complex airplane operations, night flying, traffic pattern operations, slow flight, stall/spin recognition and recovery, and much more.