Pilot's Pocket Decoder, Abbe | B MCG 470

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B MCG 470

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Compact enough to slip into your flight ease and comrehensive enough to ensure master, of the daily parlance of pilots, this handy reference clarifies nearly 3,000 essential acronyms, abbreviations, symbols, technical terms, and slang definitions used in aviation. Completely up to date and categorically alphabetized, this crucial resource covers everything you need to know.

  • Abbreviations and Initials.
  • Weather-Related Abbreviations and Symbols.
  • Codes, Symbols, Designations, and Initials.
  • Aviation Alphabet.
  • Slang and Memory Joggers.
  • V-Speeds.
  • The Military and Manufactuturers.
  • Transponder Codes and Squawk Codes.
Author Biography:
Christopher J. Abbe (Saginaw, MI) is an airline pilot, with a B.S. in aviation technology and operations. Abbe has been flying since he soloed on his sixteenth birthday. He is a Gold Seal (CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI) flight instructor.