Regard Wood Cleaner, Polish & Conditioner

Nuvite Chemical


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Cleaner, polish & conditioner

REGARD is a specially formulated cleaner, polish, and fine wood conditioner. REGARD has refined oils that rejuvenate dried wood finishes and enrich the surface. REGARD works well on finishes containing polyurethane, varnish, shellac, and laminates to help restore minor surface imperfections, maintain reflectance on high gloss finishes, and leave a protective surface to resist hand oil, high humidity, or over dryness. 


  • Cleans and rejuvenates natural or finished wood, laminates, and plastics
  • Gentle, effective cleaning leaving a rich glow
  • Safe for plastics, rubber, and all metals


Regard Procedures


  1. Apply Regard as is - DO NOT DILUTE uniformly to the surface with a smooth cotton pad.
  2. Rub into scratched or damaged areas to help restore the surface.
  3. Allow curing of the surface until rich natural glow shows
  4. Hand buff with a clean, dry cotton cloth/pad.
  5. Extremely dry natural wood may benefit from additional applications.
  6. Use NUVITE’s C-49 All Surface Cleaner as directed before using Regard for heavily soiled areas.