Nuvite - NuShine II Grade F9 Metal Polish

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NUSHINE II products are part of a system of graded polishing compounds for nearly all metal surfaces: brand new, oxidized with use, or with atmospheric corrosion.

NUSHINE II polishes to an incredibly deep, clear, and image-reflecting shine. Moreover, the NUSHINE II System imparts a protective chemical barrier to inhibit corrosive oxidation. The cleaner the surface of oxidation, the longer the shine lasts. And because extraordinary results are achieved with an extremely small amount of product, NUSHINE II is economical to use.

NuShine IIF9
Metal polish for heavy corrosion and surface repair used in a multi-step procedure. Perfect for polishing away heavy corrosion and extreme pitting on clad, cast or forged aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, etc.


  1. Apply sparingly with tufted wool compounding pad on a circular buffer.
  2. Polish until oxidation and residue disappear. NOTE: Extreme corrosion may require pre-sanding with SIA ABRASIVE PADS.
  3. Repeat until desired surface is achieved.
  4. Follow with NUSHINE IIC.
  5. Final finish with NUSHINE IIS.

Not recommended for clear coated finishes.


  • AMS1650
  • D6-17487
  • CSD1