NuPol Waterless Heavy-Duty Drywash

Nuvite Chemical


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For Seriously Soiled/Oxidation Surface Conditions

NUPOL is an effective drywash heavy-duty exterior aircraft paint restorer. NUPOL will remove oxidation caused by paint's “end of life cycle” breakdown and extend paint life. NUPOL can also be used for vehicle restoration and fiberglass marine applications.

  • Heavy-Duty drywash, restoration, and cleaning
  • Restores shine and color on oxidized paint
  • Safe for all OEM aircraft components
  • Extends service life of the paint.

The best technique for BrightWork.

Polishing metal surfaces involves maintaining the correct body stance. Plant feet lined directly under your shoulders, firmly on a level surface. Keep the work area the same width as your shoulders, approximately 18” to 24”. Apply product, as directed, ONLY within this polish area. Beginning top right or left, work back & forth, right to the left, within the targeted polish area. Then work the same area up and down, applying light but firm pressure. NEVER buff below the belt, meaning NO bending to meet lower level. Best results when you keep eye level with the polishing buffer. Remember Technique, technique, technique! 

NuPol Approvals

  • SMI Tests & Approvals
    • AMS1530
    • AMS1530B
    • AMS1531
    • AMS1531C
    • AMS1532
    • AMS1532C
    • AMS1650B
    • AMS1650C
    • D6-17487
    • CSD1
  • OEM & Airline Approvals
    • Embraer
    • Gulfstream
    • FedEx

NuPol Procedures


  1. Apply NuPol as is – DO NOT DILUTE by hand, with mophead or random orbital.
  2. Agitate a small, 18”-24” area evenly with a thin layer of product.
  3. Increased agitation will help the cleaning/deoxidizing action.
  4. Allow to fully dry, in NO MORE than 10 minutes.
  5. Remove by polishing off with a mop head or dry terry cloth to shine.