Icom - IC-A220 VHF Panel Mount Airband Transceiver | IC-A220



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The IC-A220 air band panel mount transceiver has a bright organic light emitting diode (OLED) display that is easy to read with its wide 170-degree viewing angle and white characters on a black background. Easy channel selection with its "flip-flop" arrow button switches between main and stand-by channels. Two channels can be monitored simultaneously with the dual watch function; in addition, auto stack memory stores the last 20 channels for easy recall. The auto squelch detects signal level and adjust the squelch to maintain a received call, also squelch can be adjusted manually.

  • Bright and easy to read organic light emitting diode (OLED) display has a wide 170 degree viewing angle with auto dimmer function that adjusts the display for optimum brightness
  • The "flip-flop" arrow button allows for easy channel switching between the main and stand-by channels, two channels can be monitored simultaneously with the dual watch function, and improved auto stack memory makes is easier to recall the last 20 channels used
  • Automatic squelch function detects the signal level and automatically adjusts the squelch level to maintain a received call, also the squelch level can be adjusted manually
  • Airport frequency data is made available to the IC-A220 GPS memory channels when connected to a GPS receiver equipped with an airport frequency database
  • Built-in DC-DC converter accepts a 12/24V DC power source for easy installation in most airplanes or vehicles
  • Build-in, voice activated intercom function allows pilots and co-pilots to communicate via the headset
  • Industry standard, 25-pin D-sub connector provides easy installation, while the slim case allows the IC-A220 to fit into tight panel spaces
  • 20 regular memory channels with a 6-character channel name
  • 50 group memory channels (10 Ch x 5) groups with a channel tag
  • Automatic weather channel scanning and receive (USA version only)
  • Dualwatch and priority functions
  • One touch access to 121.5 MHz emergency frequency
  • Side tone function for monitoring your voice with headset
  • ANL (automatic noise limiter) function reduces pulse type noise
  • Remote control capability
  • PC programming capability
  • Dial lock and panel lock
  • Time-out timer
  • D-sub 25-pin industry standard connector for easy installation
  • Slim 1.34 in ch (34 mm) height can be installed in a limited panel space
  • Two types of menu mode: settings menu and configuration menu
  • Weight: 1.0 kg (2.2 lb)
  • Dimensions: 160 x 34 x 271 mm (6.3 x 1.34 x 10.37 in)