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Training and Certification for AMTs to match the required levels of the Airman's Certification Standards
You may choose to receive the training materials of this course in either physical (book and DVD) formats or digitally with ebooks and evideo.

The content of this certified course is prepared for the working AMT, bringing you (and your team) up to the training standards now required for new A&P students graduating from Part 147 schools. The topics covered include:
  • Physiology and Human Limitations
  • Psychology and Teamwork
  • Managing Stress
  • Environmental Factors
  • Task Management
  • Communicating Among Teams
  • Human Error
  • Boeing's MEDA System
  • Workplace Hazards and First Aid

Your successful completion of the course provides:
1.Certification by Credential Testing Services (CTS), a division of SpaceTEC/CerTEC as founded by the US National Science Foundation.
2. FAA recognition through the FAAST program including 16 AMT Award Points.
3. 8 Hours IA renewal training credit>/li>

The Training Material in this Course include:
  • Human Factors for the Aviation Maintenance Technician - (Book or eBook)
  • Crossed Wires video by CASA Australia (DVD or download)
  • Human Factors Workbook - (Book or eBook)
  • Choose the course material between printed book, workbook, and CD, or choose to download the eBook (PDF), form-fillable workbook (PDF), and MP4 video. Either way, the course procedure is the same.

The Course Process:
1. Read the manual and review the video.
2. Complete the workbook (15 pages); answering questions based on your interpretation of the book and video, along with your own experiences.
3. Submit the completed workbook by mail or email. Your answers are reviewed for effort and thoughtfulness. There is no "right or wrong". If accepted, you are given the approval to take your final exam through CTS. Contact CTS with your approval number and schedule the exam for a time of your choosing.
4. The exam includes 28 multiple choice questions over 35 minutes with a passing grade of 75%. It is given online in your own home by a remote proctor. (A camera and microphone on your desktop or laptop are needed.) The proctor will insure that you are alone in your room and begin the exam. When finished you will immediately see your grade.
  • If passed; Congratulations. Your accomplishment will be registered and you will receive a printable certificate from CTS.
  • If you fail, you will be offered a retest directly by CTS. A retest fee is $125 (a repeat of the workbook is not necessary).

For Training Managers:
Training managers are encouraged to consider this standard course for all technical staff. To discuss variations of this program to suit your company, please call (970) 726-5111 for more information or email

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