Henkel - Acheson Anti Seize Thread Compound A50TF201 | GP460PT

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Henkel - Acheson Anti Seize Thread Compound A50TF201 | GP460PT

When you need a long-lasting anti-seize thread lubricant that performs across a wide temperature range, consider Henkel Acheson GP 460 anti-seize thread compound. Also known as Bonderite® L-GP GP460™ AERO AN general purpose lubricant 150, this formula contains high purity graphite in petrolatum, and it can carry high loads and withstand extreme pressure. It reduces friction, galling and seizing and conforms with General Electric specification A50TF201.

Henkel GP 460 provides anti-seize lubrication for

  • Chemical, industrial, refinery and steam-generated plants
  • Salt-laden areas
  • High temperature service on aircraft engine spark plugs, fittings and threaded fasteners
  • Bolts, bushings, gears, seals, couplings, flanges, valve stems, plugs, tappings, cold extrusion, adjusting screws and more