Granitize Grana Clay Bars - Medium Duty - XC-12-MD



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Granitize Grana Clay Bars - Medium Duty - XC-12-MD

This series of clay bars provide a quick and immediate way to smooth away roughness on painted surfaces or brightwork caused by oxidation and aging. Three grades of the malleable clay bar are available. Chose heavy (purple), medium (light blue) or light duty (dark blue) depending on the condition of your surface to provide you with an aerodynamic finish. Our Grana-Clay Bars are great for tight corners and forming around compound curves to effectively remove surface contaminants or overspray that are embedded in the paint. Can be used by hand or by machine with H-111 Clay Bar Holder and backing plate. Use XC11 as a lubricant. Bars are 185 grams (6.5 oz.) Aviation Industry Certified*