GoodYear Aircraft Tire Tube- G19.5-6.75-8 - TR15 S - 302-247-400

Goodyear Tire and Rubber co.


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GoodYear Aircraft Tire Tube- G19.5-6.75-8 - TR15 Straight - 302-247-400

GoodYear Airplane Innertubes are manufactured to rigid standards.  Meeting or exceeding all commercial and military performance requirements.  These aircraft tubes are produced to the requirements of GoodYear's quality standard QAI2525 and meets Mil-I-5014 military specification.  With the exception of the packaging.   They are made from natural rubber which provides maximum life as well as meeting cold weather performance requirements.  They are Factory balances and the heavy spot is marked with a yellow stripe.  If the tube does not have a stripe then the heave spot is considered to be where the valve is located.  Additionally, the valve stem, core, and cap are manufactured by Schrader to be used on aircraft.