Gleim Seaplane Add-On Rating Course | GLM-727 | SARC RS

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Gleim Seaplane Add-On Rating Course | GLM-727 | SARC RS

PN:  GLM-727

ISBN : 9781581940800


The Gleim Seaplane Add-On Rating Course is an interactive, self-study training program. This course is designed to assist pilots who are preparing to add a seaplane rating to their sport, private or commercial pilot certificates by preparing them to pass their practical exam. It serves as an effective means of learning water flying concepts and procedures before actual flight training begins.

  • Nine study units explain each PTS task as well as general information you need to know
  • Oral Exam Guide for the Seaplane Practical Test included
  • Addendums for monohull seaplanes and Sport Pilot certification included
  • 10-15 pages of knowledge transfer outlines
  • 12 months of access

Course Elements

  • 10 thought-provoking true/false study questions
  • 10-15 pages of knowledge transfer study outlines
  • A 10-question multiple-choice quiz
  • A study unit evaluation
  • 30-60 minutes of material per study unit

Choose a study unit from the Study Unit Selection screen. With the exception of completing Study Unit One before purchasing the course, the 9 study units do not have to be completed in any particular order. Once you begin a study unit, however, you cannot begin another study unit until you complete the one in progress.

To complete a study unit you must:

  1. Answer 10 thought-provoking true/false study questions. An ongoing cumulative score based on your first answer selection for each question will be shown. After you answer each question, an answer explanation that indicates why you answered it correctly or incorrectly will be displayed. You will not be allowed to continue on to the outline section until all of the true/false study questions have been answered.
  2. Study the knowledge transfer outline for the study unit. The outlines are broken down into sections called "subunits" to make studying them easier. You can use the print function on your browser to print the entire outline: from the File Menu, click File, and then click Print. Use this printout for quick reference. When you have finished studying the outlines, you will be ready to take the multiple-choice final test.
  3. Pass the multiple-choice final test with a score of 70% or better. You will be presented with 10 multiple-choice questions based on the material you covered in the true/false and outline sections of the study unit. You may move back and forth between questions and change your answers until you grade the test. When you have answered each of the 10 multiple-choice questions to your satisfaction, click the Grade button at the bottom of the screen below the last question.
  4. Note: It may take a moment for your grade to be delivered. Do not click the Grade button more than once. Also, do not hit the BACK button on your browser to try to return to the test after it has been graded.