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The Gleim SkyView Training Course is designed to help you confidently master the Dynon SkyView integrated avionics system. The course progresses from basic "knobology" to flight planning and advanced autopilot functionality. Using interactive quizzes, this course makes it easy for you to learn how to efficiently and safely use the Dynon SkyView system in the cockpit. The SkyView system is a household name in the new production light-sport aircraft market. Students, transitioning pilots, and instructors alike can all benefit from the information presented in this Gleim online course.



  •     Informative, intuitively appealing audiovisual presentations
  •     Gleim-perfected Knowledge Transfer Outlines that help you better understand the content
  •     Interactive quizzes where you operate a digital SkyView unit
  •     Equally applicable to experimental aircraft and production light-sport aircraft
  •     Covers both core and optional system components for a complete training experience