Formation Flying - The Art

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Besides a lot of fun, formation flying is challenging and an important safety skill when flying with others. Would you want the guy on your left to be without it?

The definitive instructional set on formation flying includes an exceptionally done two part, 4 hour of video (DVD) by Darton International plus the Formation Flying Manual produced by the T-34 association video set. The video includes mostly air to air descriptions of all aspects of formation flight from both the pilot and wingman point of view and also that of an observer aircraft. Echelon, Fingertip and Trail formation are covered with instruction and demonstration of station keeping, inside and outside turns, join-ups and break-ups, and takeoffs and landings. Hand signal communication and safety concerns are also covered in depth. The book details some of the technical information from the videos.

DVD - Volume 1 Includes:
  • Bob Hoover Introduction
  • History and Philosophy
  • Safety and Flight Equipment
  • Hand Signals and Radio Discipline
  • Flight Briefing and Emergencies
  • Station Keeping - Straight and Level
  • Station Keeping - Errors and Corrections
  • Station Keeping - Inside Turns
  • Station Keeping - Turns, Fingertip and Echelon
DVD - Volume 2 Includes:
  • Station Keeping - Questions and Review
  • Cross-Under
  • Trail - Close and Extended
  • Break-Up and Re-Join
  • Hand Signals
  • Formation Takeoffs
  • Echelon Break and Landing
  • Formation Landing

Product Specifications
Author: T-34 Association
Edition: 4th
Pages: 35
Time: 4 hours