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The FARO® intercom is a portable intercom that allows continual hands-free conversation between the pilot and the passenger, while in flight. Featuring a modular design, the device includes 2-place, voice activation, volume control, complete on/off switch, multiple radio station transmit capability, and fail safe radio communications. The intercom’s superior SQL circuitry permits full squelch control. By setting the squelch properly, the intercom will only be active when someone speaks into their headset microphone.


Hands Free Conversation- FARO intercom is fully portable and handy for pilot to passenger radio communication. The pilot can hear all radio communications either through the headset or through the aircraft radio by connecting the headset boom mic.

Secure Communication- The headset mic is routed directly to the “ON/OFF” switch for easy communication. Even with the “OFF” switch turned on, the pilot can still hear all conversations, ensuring nothing is overlook. The unit also has a “fail safe” feature incase the battery dies.

Superior SQL Circuitry- Aircraft noise can be cancelled using the squelch knob. The sensitivity of the squelch can be adjusted by turning the knob clockwise to increase sensitivity and counter clockwise to decrease sensitivity. By properly utilizing the squelch, the intercom will only be active when someone speaks into it and irrelevant background noise will be cancelled.

Volume Control- Users can adjust the volume to accommodate aircraft noise level. Turning the volume knob clockwise will increase volume and turning the volume knob counter clockwise will decrease volume.

Alternative Input- The unit also has an auxiliary power jack, comes with a cigarette power cord, and has two station capabilities.



  • 1 Input Cord
  • 2 Audio Ports


  • 1 Output Cord
  • 2 Mic Ports
  • 2 Switch Ports
  • Battery Lifetime: 150-180 Hours of Use
  • Headphone Interface: PJ-055
  • Microphone Interface: PJ-068