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Expiration Date: 1/26/2020

Arpol Petroleum - 7870 General Purpose Lubricating Oil Quart Can | 363QT

Arpol Petroleum 7870 (ROYCO® 363) is a general purpose lubricating oil for aircraft instruments and airframe components. It can be used over a wide operating temperature range. It offers corrosion resistance, low evaporation and oxidation resistance. Arpolube 7870 conforms to MIL-PRF-7870. Available in a quart can.

  • Fatty material type: any acceptable
  • Basic ingredient: additives and petroleum oil
  • Lubricant type: any acceptable
  • Service characteristics: corrosion resistive and low evaporation and low temperature and oxidation resistant
  • Quantity within each unit package: 1.000 quarts
  • Viscosity at rated temp: 10.00 minimum 100 degree Fahrenheit and 4000.00 maximum -40 degree Fahrenheit
  • Maximum pour point: -70.0 degree Fahrenheit
  • Minimum flash point and test method: 265.0 degree Fahrenheit Cleveland open cup