EAM - Bravo Life Vest, Red | P01190-101R

Eastern Aero Marine


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This continuous wear, yoke style life vest is ideal for helicopter pilots or anyone flying long distances over open water. The Bravo's compact, lightweight design includes a 2-inch, extra wide, waist strap for comfort and security. Equipped with water-activated light, retro-reflective tape and a whistle. Optional storage pouches attach to the waist strap to hold signal kit or EPIRB. Easy fold lines for repackaging.


Inflated Buoyancy

35 lbs. (150 Newtons) minimum

Inflated Volume

970 cu. in. (16 liters) minimum


U.S. FAA TSO-C13f approved.

Category of Preserver

Adult – Constant Wear

Weight/Size of Wearer

For wearers weighing 90 lbs. (40.8 kg) and above with a chest size between 30 inches (76 cm) and 52 inches (132 cm) in circumference.

Inflatable Buoyancy Cell

Single Cell



210 Denier Nylon, Flame Retardant. Urethane Air-Holding Coating Inside. Urethane Protective Coating Outside.       


400 Denier Nylon, Flame Retardant. Durable Weather Resistant Finish.                     


Nylon Webbing, Flame Retardant, 6000 lbs.(2700 kg) Breaking Strength.


Cell:    RF Heat Sealed Air-Holding Seams. Cover: Lockstitch Sewing with Nylon Thread

Inflation System

Manual CO2 Inflator and an Oral Inflation Tube.


Inflatable Buoyancy Cell: Passenger Yellow                  Outside Cover: Choice of Blue, Red, or Yellow.

Weight of Unit

1.90 lbs. (0.86 kg) Approx.




Functional Range:  -40 to 140 oF (-40 to 60 oC)

Storage Range:  0 to 120 oF (-17.8 to 48.9 oC)


Functional Range:  Up to 95% Relative Humidity

Storage Range:  Up to 70% Relative Humidity


-2000 to 45,000 feet above sea level

CO2 Gas Charge

 0.073 lbs. (33 grams)

Standard Features

  • TSO-C85 Approved Water Activated Survivor Locator Light. 
  • Whistle
  • Retroreflective Tape, SOLAS Grade

Add-On Options Available

  • Signal Kit
  • Storage Pouches
  • Emergency Radio Beacon (EPIRB)

Service Life

Indefinite if unit continues to pass periodic maintenance inspection.

Frequency of Inspection

Every 24 months.