Dow Corning RTV-734 Flowable Sealant - 3 oz White | RTV734-30ZWH

Dow Corning


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Dow Corning® Xiameter® RTV734 Series flowable adhesive sealant is white in color and has a specific gravity of 1.03, VOC contents of 28 grams per liter and a boiling temperature rating greater than 100 degrees C. This sealant has a flash point of 87 degrees C for safe use. An acetic acid odored, liquid sealant comes in a 90-milliliter cartridge. The silicone base sealant has a tensile strength of 217.6 psi. It requires 7 days for curing and 13 minutes for drying. This product withstands a temperature of -29 to 176 degrees C.



One-component adhesive/sealant with acetoxy cure system
Sealant cures completely at room temperature to form a tough and flexible rubber bond
Fast tack-free time or quick curing time
Ensures stability and flexibility from -65 to 180 degrees C
Viscosity of 45,000 centipoises
Relative density of 1.03



Exhibits excellent dielectric properties
Flowable and self-leveling sealant is easy to apply



Bonding and sealing industrial applications, particularly suitable for sealing assemblies with fine joints as well as cable entries and connectors, to ensure that they remain water tight



MIL-A-46106B, Amen 3, Group 1, Type II
WEEE/RoHS Compliance
National Sanitation Foundation Standard 51, NSF® Certified
UL Listed United States Regulations