Dow Corning Q4-2805 Fluorosilicone Fuel Tank Sealant 212g

Dow Corning


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DOWSIL™ Q4-2805 Fluorosilicone Channel Sealant | 212g

DOWSIL™ Q4-2805 is primarily used as groove injection sealants for aircraft fuel tanks and is suitable for various sealing applications that require a non-curing sealant.


  • Superior sealing characteristics under exposure to fuels and oils
  • Easily injected and reinjected
  • Maintains consistency over a wide temperature range from 55°C to +200°C
  • Non-curing
  • Good tack adhesion
  • Essentially unaffected by shock, vibration, and thermal cycling
  • Contains no catalyst or curing agent
  • Withstands immersion in fuels and exposure to fuel vapors in temperatures up to +200°C
  • Contains flow-control particles
  • Excellent flow characteristics provide faster injection at reduced pressures
  • Meets MIL-S-85334(AS)