David Clark Push-Back Gateway | U9920-GPB | 40993G-01

David Clark


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David Clark Push-Back Gateway | U9920-GPB | 40993G-01

Push-Back Gateway

  • Relay for all audio between Belt Stations and aircraft interphone system
  • Controls include System Gain, Power Button (with LED) and Link Button
  • Includes attachment clip, lanyard with “Remove Before Flight” banner and nylon
    hook, Li-Polymer battery, 7-pin headset connector (MAJ-17-00), orange rubber skin
  • Standard ¼" aircraft interface requires 41035G-02 Interface Cord (included)
  • U-174/U Embraer aircraft interface requires 41035G-03 Interface Cord (NOT FOR
  • Dual-plug (Saab, others) aircraft interface requires 41035G-04 Interface Cord
  • A99-04CRG (41034G-01) Battery Charger required for Li-Polymer battery (40688G-90)