David Clark Mic Boom Kit | 12840G-01

David Clark


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David Clark Mic Boom Kit | 12840G-01

If you own one of the following headsets, this kit is what you need to replace your microphone boom: H10-30, H10-36, H10-56, H10-56N, H10-66, H3330, H3332, H3335, H3340, H3341, H3342, H3391, H3392, H7030, H7040, H7041, H7042, H7091, H8730, H8740, 12304G-07, 40685G-01, 40742G-01, 40772G-01, 40825G-01, 40835G-01, 40836G-01 or 40859G-01.