David Clark Cord Clip - 4 pack | 15125P-02

David Clark


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David Clark Cord Clip - 4 pack | 15125P-02

Sold in a pack of four, these cord clips hold the ear frame of your David Clark headset in place. David Clark parts and accessories are superior in quality and design.

Replacement cord clip is compatible with these David Clark :

H10-00, H10-20, H10-21, H10-26, H10-30, H10-36, H10-56, H10-56HX, H10-56N, H10-66, H10-66N, H10-66X, H10-76, H3050, H3051, H3330, H4230, H5010, H5030, H6030, H7010, H7030, H7050, H7051, 12416G-23, 40411G-16, 40659G-01, 40685G-01, 40685G-02, 40706G-01, 40771G-01, 40772G-01, 40781G-01, 40825G-01, 40835G-01, 40836G-01, 40913G-01, 40914G-01 and 40958G-01.