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Rod Machado's 50+ years of teaching experience and expertise are evident in the conversational writing style and humorous anecdotes of the Instrument Pilot's Handbook 3rd Ed. Distinguishing himself as a popular national speaker and educator, Rod has skillfully broken down highly complex concepts into easily digestible guides, lending an approachable atmosphere to his signature style of instruction.

This valuable one-stop handbook contains the information necessary to:

  • Fly instruments as a knowledgeable and competent pilot
  • Prepare for the FAA instrument pilot knowledge exam
  • Prepare for the instrument pilot practical oral exam
  • Refresh for your instrument proficiency check
  • Remain an up-to-date confident instrument pilot

As a comprehensive information sourcebook, these pages include:

  • Simplification of the FAA’s instrument scan concepts/procedures & a cockpit-practical step-by-step instrument scan technique
  • Latest information on aviation decision making for instrument pilots
  • Detailed understanding of analog and glass (PFD) flight instruments
  • Step-by-step procedures for planning an IFR cross-country flight
  • Easy to apply navigation methods for GPS, RNAV and VOR
  • Clear, down-to-earth explanations of pertinent FARs, including instrument currency, lost comm, alternate requirements, etc.
  • Step-by-step explanation of how instrument approach charts are constructed, including MDAs, DAs, LPVs, procedure turns, etc.
  • Practical understanding of the IFR system, GPS procedures, icing and thunderstorm avoidance, NEXRAD, GFAs,VCOAs, and more

This book provides you with quality instruction and a learning experience that's comprehensive and enjoyable.

ISBN: 978-1-95028-800-7