Chemseal - High Temp Fuel Tank Sealant - 6 oz | CS5500B1-2KIT

Flamemaster Chemseal


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Chemseal Flamemaster CS5500 High Temp Fuel Tank Sealant: 6oz, AB,3.5OZFILL,6OZ W/NZ, AMS3276D CA | CS5500B1-2KIT

 CS 5500 can be used in applications where temperatures of up to 360°F are encountered.

CS 5500 is a two part, high temperature resistant fuel tank and fuselage sealant based on Permapol P-5 polymers, an improved chemical modification of Thiokol LP* polymers.  Permapol P-5 polymers are covered under U.S. Patent 4,623,711.  When cured CS 5500 is a flexible, resilient rubber which has excellent adhesion to aluminum, magnesium, titanium, steel and other materials.