Champion - Magneto Tool Kit | Slick T-200



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Champion - Magneto Tool Kit | Slick T-200

Our Unison Slick T200 Assembly Tool Kit contains the tools you need for the easy installation of slick ignition harness leads. This installation kit is required to install the slick ignition harness leads on all magneto harness caps and spark plug termination ends, so purchase yours today with Pilots HQ and save. The Unison T200 provides the six tools you need for do-it-yourself installation, repairs and replacement. Included in the kit are a pressing tool, pin vise, stripping tool, shield stripper, shield assembly tool and #72 drill bit. This aircraft magneto toolkit features the tools you need for easy slick ignition harness lead installation. Our products are designed for maximum flight time and minimum service time; this slick magneto toolkit will allow you to take flight faster. Try the T200 magneto kit, perfect for any handy aviator or skilled professional looking to get the job done without the hassle.