CEP FLAB - 50 Absorb and Dry Floor Granular Sorbent | 0ILABS0RBENT

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CEP FLAB - 50 Absorb and Dry Floor Granular Sorbent | 0ILABS0RBENT

Balcones Minerals Absorb-N-Dry CEP FLAB50 Floor Dry/Oil Dry Granular Sorbent is a traditional clay-based absorbent that is a cost effective, ideally suited solution for industrial plants, driveways, machine shops, service stations, garages, waste facilities, land fills, steel mills, etc. Absorb-N-Dry is an all-purpose sanitary maintenance product that is efficient and easy to use. It enhances safety and cleanliness in the workplace. This all purpose absorbent high quality clay is quick acting, highly absorbent, enhances traction and is environmentally friendly.

These granules come in 50 lbs bags and are easy to use: Simply sprinkle ABSORB-N-DRY generously over soiled area, let stand for a short time, then sweep up. For particularly stubborn spills or stains use a stiff broom to work the granules over the area, then sweep up. For flowing liquids, pile ABSORB-N-DRY around the area creating a dam. Always use good house-keeping procedures and dispose of spent granules in accordance with Local, State and Federal Regulations. Sold by the bag.