Celeste - Sani-Tank Lavatory Soak For Organic Buildup

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Celeste Sani-Tank Lavatory Soak For Organic Buildup - 1 Gal

Tar-like organic residues that accumulate inside toilet holding tanks, on surfaces, and on recirculating pump and maceration systems are a strong source of malodor. In addition, these residues can affect proper operation of the internal waste processing systems by constricting pumps and motors leading to excessive wear and tear.
Unlike Celeste Sani-Pak®, which aims at preventing this buildup, other toilet chemicals on the market today only serve to increase this problem by using quat based technology which exacerbates organic buildup. Regular holding tank cleaning using Celeste Sani-Tank as part of a comprehensive lavatory maintenance program can remove these residues and prevent them from accumulating in significant levels, avoiding both odors and possible system malfunction.

  •     Removes organic deposits from pump equipment, tank walls, and toilet bowls.
  •     Prevents potential system clogging failure
  •     Reduces toilet system malodor
  •     Contributes to extended component life

Compliant with AMS 1550A test specs, the state-of-the-art cleaning agents used in Sani-Tank are designed especially to work with natural oils, resulting in a very effective cleaner that dissolves tar adhesion on interior tank and pipe surfaces. Furthermore, Sani-Tank is environmentally safe, biodegradable, and non-toxic.