Celeste Sani-Sorb Powder Absorbent Pack - 50/box

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Celeste Sani-Sorb Powder Absorbent Pack - 50/box

Sani-Sorb is a super absorbent powder pack capable of absorbing – and retaining – several hundred times its mass in liquid. It transforms unwanted liquid spills and wastes into a solid, easy-to-handle form that can be disposed of as solid waste.

In the airline industry, it can be used to dispose of fluids (such as teas, coffees, sodas) as solid waste instead of pouring down the lavatory or galley drain, where they can contribute to tar buildup or “sugar snakes” (cellulosic buildup). Sani-Sorb can also be used to clean up spills and dispose of them as solid waste.

Coffee in particular can contribute to tar buildup if consistently disposed of down the lavatory. The sugars found in most beverages serve as a food source for common bacteria, converting them into cellulosic polymer compounds (“sugar snakes”) which in turn can cause partial or complete blockage in the galley drain lines. If tar buildup or cellulosic buildup is an existing problem, ask your Celeste representative about our Sani-Tank and Biozyme GDC products.

Sani-Sorb is also contained in our Emergency Cleaning Kits which are self contained kits for cleaning emergency situations. Each 10 gram packet will absorb 1 liter of bulk liquid. It is totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly.