Brown - Silicone Engine Baffle (Smooth Finish) Black, 1/16in x 3in | BA-8071-1-3

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Brown Aircraft - Silicone Engine Baffle (Smooth Finish) Black, 1/16in x 3in | BA-8071-1-3

The right aircraft firewall insulation is critical to both your safety and the performance of your aircraft. Brown Aircraft�s silicone engine baffles are trusted by thousands of pilots and aviation mechanics, providing the results they need for safe flight while getting the most from their aircraft.

The BA-8071-1-3 is an aircraft fiberglass baffle material constructed of both fiberglass and silicone, offering a combination of low weight and superior engine protection. This black engine baffle meets the AMS 3320 spec to ensure the best engine protection possible. The BA-8071-1-3 silicone engine baffle has a temperature range of -65 to 500 degrees (F). Measuring 3/32" thickness x 3" wide by 9' long, the infusion of silicone into this aircraft fiberglass baffle ensures it is both sturdy and temperature resistant.

Protect your engine and ensure safe flight today with one of our most popular engine baffle selections � order the BA-8071-1-3 black engine baffle today, or call 1-904-396-6655 to learn more about choosing the right engine baffle for your needs.