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Brown Aircraft - Quarter Round Door Seal, ft | RB-5022

Proper sealing of your aircraft�s doors is critical to noise reduction, performance and safety in flight. At Brown Aircraft, we offer a variety of aircraft door seal choices that provide excellent safety assurance and the top performance from your aircraft. The RB-5022 door seal is one of the most secure quarter round seals on the market, and Brown Aircraft�s RB-5022 rubber trim seal offers superior sealing abilities for your aircraft.

A common Cessna and Piper door seal, the RB-5022 quarter round door seal is constructed with a medium density sponge material that is used as a solid sealant around the perimeter of your aircraft�s door. Sold by the foot, you use contact cement to install this sealant and then shut the door. The impression of your aircraft�s door is embedded into the quarter round to create a resilient but firm seal. When installed correctly, this seal has the ability to compress the area around the door, preventing excess noise and air leakage from making an impact. The RB-5022 also serves as an excellent door weather strip, preventing water and wind from affecting your aircraft.