Bayco NIGHTSTICK Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable LED Flashlight

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Bayco NIGHTSTICK Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable LED Flashlight Floodlight, Chemical Proof | XPR-9820

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NIGHTSTICK XPR-9820 Dual-Mode, Multi-Function™ Intrinsically Safe task lights are designed specifically for personal lighting in hazardous workplaces that have the potential to catch fire or explode.

Representing Bayco innovation, the XPR-9820 is UL approved for use in explosion prone environments while providing extraordinary hand-held portable illumination. A strobe feature has been added for even more versatility.

The super bright white LEDs are virtually indestructible. The rechargeable NiMH battery pack provides very long run-times with fast recharge. 160 lumens of brilliant tight-focused flashlight beam for long reach and 200 lumens of floodlight for wide-view visibility. Activate both for maximum illumination and workplace safety. Chemical proof housing. AC and DC charging adapters are included.