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Each of the 12 modules in this comprehensive series is approved by Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide for use in Part 147 schools. Compliant at B1.4 levels and in alignment with appendix 1 of Part 66, these modules are essential for earning an EASA Part 66 B1.4 engineer's certification.

Instructor Services:
For schools considering the adoption of ATB modules as your primary student notes, we offer various additional services including projectable image banks, examination question databases, and generous additional support for instructors and your requirements for competent authorities.

Set includes:
0101 - EASA Module 01 B1/B2 - Mathematics
0103 - EASA Module 02 B1 - Physics
0106 - EASA Module 03 B1/B2 - Electrical Fundamentals
0107 - EASA Module 04 B1 - Electronic Fundamentals
0110 - EASA Module 05 B1 - Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument Systems
0113 - EASA Module 06 B1 - Materials and Hardware
0116 - EASA Module 07A B1 - Maintenance Practices
0119 - EASA Module 08 B1/B2 - Basic Aerodynamics
0121 - EASA Module 09A B1/B2 - Human Factors
0123 - EASA Module 10 B1/B2 - Aviation Legislation
0129 - EASA Module 12 B1 - Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
0136 - EASA Module 16 B1 - Piston Engines

Utilizing the guidelines of Part 66, Aircraft Structures and Systems, like all ATB EASA modules, adhere precisely to the specified content, order, and necessary learning levels (L1, 2, or 3) for the accredited B2 avionics maintenance technician program. Numerous national authorities have approved this module as a component of the training curriculum for Part 147 schools under their jurisdiction. 

As prescribed in Part 66 Appendix 1, the topics are divided in 22 sections:

  • Aeroplane Aerodynamics and Flight Controls (L1)
  • Aeroplane Structures (L1, 2)
  • Autoflight ATA 22 (L3)
  • Communication and Navigation ATA 23-24 (L3)
  • Electrical Power ATA 24 (L3)
  • Equipment and Furnishings ATA 25 (L3)
  • Flight Controls ATA 27 (L2)
  • Instruments ATA 31 (L3)
  • Lights ATA 33 (L3)
  • On Board Maintenance Systems ATA 45 (L3)
  • Air Conditioning and Pressurization ATA 21 (L1, 2, 3)
  • Fire Protection ATA 26 (L3)
  • Fuel Systems ATA 28 (L1, 2, 3)
  • Hydraulic Systems ATA 29 (L1, 3)
  • Ice and Rain Protection ATA 30 (L1, 2, 3)
  • Landing Gear ATA 32 (L1, 3)
  • Oxygen ATA 35 (L3)
  • Pneumatic and Vacuum Systems ATA 36 (L3)
  • Waste and Water Systems ATA 38 (L2)
  • Integrated Module Avionics ATA 42 (L3)
  • Cabin Systems ATA 44 (L3)
  • Information Systems ATA 46 (L3)

A complete table of contents is included with the Look Inside link above.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of aircraft structures and systems through clear explanations and detailed full-color illustrations. This module has been designed to help aircraft technicians learn essential skills and understand the underlying concepts. It covers all required topics for FAA A&P students while also providing a higher level of proficiency for EASA licenses.

Product Specifications:

  • ISBN: 9781941144978
  • Publisher:
  • Aircraft Technical Book Company
  • Edition: 004.2
  • Pages: 676

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