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Learn how to safely and precisely perform exhilarating aerial maneuvers such as spins, loops, Cuban 8s, barrel rolls, and more with Basic Aerobatics, an eBook by expert author Gene Szurovy. This comprehensive guide covers 11 essential maneuvers, with detailed sections on Understanding It, Flying It, Common Errors, and What to Do If Things Go Wrong. Each chapter also includes diagrams showing the maneuver from an external perspective as well as photos from the pilot's point of view. While the book primarily features a Sukhoi 29 aerobatic aircraft, the instructions provided are applicable to most aerobatics-capable planes.

Topics Include:
  • Getting Started
  • Loads and Limits
  • Preflight and Airborne Preparation
  • Stalls
  • Aileron Rolls
  • Slow Rolls
  • Inverted Flights
  • Loops
  • Half Loops
  • The Immelmann
  • The Cuban Eight
  • The Reverse Cuban Eight
  • The Hammerhead
  • Spins
  • Recreational Aerobatics
  • Competition Aerobatics
  • Airshow Display Aerobatics
  • Buying an Aerobatic Aircraft
  • 10 Hour Aerobatic Course
  • 5 Hour Aerobatic Course
Advanced Maneuvers Include:
  • Snap Rolls
  • Outside Snap Rolls
  • Tail Slides
  • Outside Loops
  • Inverted Spins
  • Vertical Rolls
  • Knife-Edge Flight
  • Hesitation Rolls
  • Square Loops
  • Rolling Circles
  • Gyroscopic Maneuvers