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This book offers insight from renowned flight instructor John Lowery and incorporates data from NASA and interviews with factory test pilots and aircraft manufacturers. The author also draws on their own extensive experience in both high-performance and general-aviation aircraft. Coverage extends to stall characteristics, considerations for different aircraft types, and the impact of factors such as high lift devices, asymmetrical thrust, and changing Center of Gravity (CG). Additionally, the book delves into the connection between stalls and spins, including inverted and flat spins, and provides guidance on stall/spin recoveries. A must-read for pilots looking to navigate the often misunderstood realm of flight.

Chapters Include:
  • The Stall
  • The Spin
  • Tail And Wing Design
  • Engine Failure In Light Twins
  • Spins In Twins
  • Loss Of Control and Recovery Errors
  • Spins and Spirals During Instrument Flight

Product Specifications
Aircraft Technical Book Co.
Author: John Lowery
Edition: 3rd
Pages: 96