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This is a complete book set for the entire A&P program used by most Part 147 A&P schools featuring the FAA 8083-ATB Handbooks and matching test guides, workbooks, plus AC 43.13, and the current FARs. Besides their excellent quality, these are the single source of all FAA A&P written and oral test questions. Purchasing this full kit at once saves you time and money and allows you to explore the future sections of your classes as your interest in the various topics grows.

The kit includes the current editions of each of the following:
  • 0001 - FAA-H-8083-30B-ATB A&P General Handbook
  • 0003 - FAA-H-8083-31B-ATB A&P Airframe Complete Handbook
  • 0004 - FAA-H-8083-32B-ATB A&P Powerplant Handbook
  • 0006 - General Test Guide (matching 8083-30B Handbook)
  • 0007 - Airframe Test Guide (matching 8083-31B Handbook)
  • 0008 - Powerplant Test Guide (matching 8083-32B Handbook)
  • 0010 - General Workbook (matching 8083-30B Handbook)
  • 0011 - Airframe Workbook (matching 8083-31B Handbook)
  • 0012 - Powerplant Workbook (matching 8083-32B Handbook)
  • 0015 - AC 43.13 1B/2B - Acceptable Methods of Aircraft Inspection and Repair
  • 0444- Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR-AMT)

Those purchasing the set in print format will receive the ASA version of the current FAR-AMT. Those purchasing the eBook set will receive the ATB edition. Those purchasing the book + eBook bundle will receive both.

Attention Students:
Before ordering any kit, check with your instructor to be sure these are the exact books required by your school. If you find that your school's requirement is different, please contact us by phone or email so we can reconfigure the kit to be exactly as needed.

To Part 147 Schools and Training Organizations:
As all programs are different, custom book kits designed for your school's curriculum and teaching style are available to your specifications. Please call (970) 726-5111 and let us create this custom package for you.

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