APR Fixed 13" Navigation Plotter | NP-13

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APR Fixed 13" Navigation Plotter | NP-13

The NP-13 Navigation Plotter features four precision protractor scales and fourteen nautical and statute scales for Sectional, WAC, and Terminal Charts.

Plotting is easy and accurate when done with an APR plotter. You can rely on your NP-13.

Instructions are printed on the plotter and it conveniently stores in your flight case with your charts. Constructed with durable plastic.

SpecificationDimension: 13 5/6” x 4”

  • Accurately measure course lines
  • Plot intended flight course lines
  • Solve off-course problems
  • Determine bearings to and from
  • Plot true and magnetic north lines
  • Establish flight plan check points
  • A Sectional Chart side and a WAC Chart side
  • Superior for use in the cockpit at night
  • Top/ bottom graduations for statute and nautical scales
  • Rotatable azimuth compass ring
  • 4 Protractor scales
  • Opaque white backgrounds and creative graphics for easier reading of scales