AeroLEDs - SunBeam Aircraft Landing Light, 9-40V | 90-1000



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CERTIFIED AeroLEDs - SunBeam Aircraft Landing Light, 9-40V | 90-1000

The Sunbeam LED landing light is manufactured under FAA-PMA standards. The Sunbeam LED Landing lights are produced in a rectangular format to fit various experimental aircraft and LSAs. They require only 35 watts of power to produce 3,850 lumens. With a 30,000-hour life, they may not need replacement and can be active at all times. Featuring wig-wag and built-in pulse capability, these lights can be seen on any aircraft long before people can make out the airframe. Like all AeroLEDs products, the Sunbeam is completely sealed and secure. A built-in protection circuit protects against overheating and is also secured against lightning, voltage spikes, reverse voltage, and under-voltage conditions. The SunBeam LED landing light can replace the Whelen 70346 series 14V and 28V halogen lamps. Aircraft uses this landing light, including Diamond DA-40, the Cessna Columbia, the Liberty XL, some Cirrus models, and some Grumman models.