Advanced Composites

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This 4th edition textbook by Cindy Foreman covers composite construction and repair techniques as the AMT would find on advanced, commercial and military aircraft. Coverage includes materials from the basics to the advanced, including aramids, carbons, graphites, plus resins, core and honeycomb structures. Various vacuum bagging and curing are also covered including assembly, proper fasteners, machining and various types of inspection and repairs.

Topics include:

  • reinforcing fibers
  • matrix materials
  • core materials
  • composite manufacturing
  • composite safety
  • applying pressure
  • methods of curing
  • machining composites
  • setting up shop
  • assessment and repair
  • types of repairs

Product Specifications:

ISBN: 9781933189727
Author: Cindy Foreman
Edition: 4th
Pages: 196