3M - Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Tape - 3/4'' x 30 Ft. | 054007-15025



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3M - Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Tape - 3/4" x 30 Ft. | 054007-15025ΓÇï

3M Scotch 23 black insulating tape comes in a 3/4 in width, 30 ft length, uses a rubber adhesive and is packaged 20 rolls per case. Can be used in the following temperature range: 0 F to +194 F. One of the unique features of this insulating tape is the elongation capabilities. The 3M Scotch 23 insulating tape can be stretched 1000 % for breaking. Provides a tensile strength of 8 lb/in. Many tape products can have either conductive or insulating properties which are used across a variety of applications. This insulating tape is electrically insulating. This product is a single-sided adhesive insulating tape. When purchasing this product, consider the thickness. The variances in thickness often make an important difference in proper performance. This insulating tape has a 30 mil thickness.