3M - Aerospace Sealant AC-730B1/2, 70005203784, 3.5 oz | 051141-58183



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3M™ AC730B1/2 class B non-sag aerospace sealant is ideal for offering effective barrier against the common causes of corrosion. This product comes in two parts which includes part-A catalyst and part-B base. The liquid part-A catalyst of sealant is dark brown in color, while the thixotropic paste part-B base is light tan in color. This slight odored part-A catalyst has a specific gravity greater than or equal to 1.58 and VOC contents of 3 grams per liter. This sulfurous odored part-B base has a specific gravity of 1.5 and VOC contents of 3.8 grams per liter. The sealant is supplied in a 3.5-ounce container and can be mixed in a 100 base/10 accelerator ratio by weight to form a mixed compound. It requires 1/2 hour for application and will be sufficiently cured after 6 hours. The product withstands a temperature range of -65 to 250 degrees F.


  • Efficiently maintains flexibility and bond strength on various metals
  • Easy to apply using spatula, extrusion gun or injection dispenser
  • Provides low shrinkage results in less rework
  • Density of 1.58 grams per milliliter for part-A catalyst and 1.5 grams per milliliter for part-B base
  • Viscosity of 9500 to 16,000 poise at 77 degrees F for part-B base
  • Withstands a tensile strength of 200 psi
  • Flash point greater than or equal to 200 degrees F


  • Employs non-chromate corrosion inhibitive formula, thereby helping to comply with chromate reduction initiatives
  • Suitable for use on most metal substrates including aluminum and between other dissimilar metals


  • Seals faying surfaces of mating parts
  • Seals joints from passage of liquid or air
  • Prevents corrosion and channeling leakage


  • AMS 3265
  • FAM-3104
  • LMA MU006 Type I, DPM 5896-2 and 5PTMUT06 Type I