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Pilot\'s Rules of Thumb and Checklist Card | M DRN 101

Pilot's Rules of Thumb and Checklist Card | M DRN 101

 The ultimate checklist that every pilot needs. Ten years in development, this is a product that pilots of all experience levels can immediately use. It covers 30 normal and non-normal situations, with 9 special tools that you'll use on every flight. Underprint of signature panel white ink for Flight Plan and Power-Performance charts, so you can write/erase with pencil and most pens.

Made of high-quality 5 mil PVC plastic, measures approximately 3.75" x 9".


  • Cruising Altitute Rules
  • Light Gun Signals
  • Common Frequencies
  • Temperature Conversion
  • Flight Plan Format - you can write on the plastic
  • Units of Conversion
  • Inches/Metric Ruler
  • Terminal/Sectional Ruler
  • Power/Performance Chart- you can write on the plastic
  • Time Zone Conversions
  • Phonetic Alphabet/Morse Code
  • Flight Plan suffix codes
  • Missed Approaches
  • Spin Recovery
  • All Engine Out
  • Using a VOR
  • Clearance Format
  • Required Reports
  • Personal Preflight
  • PIREP Format
  • Pop UP IFR
  • Required Inspections
  • Required Documents
  • Safety Threat Briefing
  • Position Reporting
  • VFR Minimums
  • Manuevers Checklist
  • GPS Preflight
  • Common METAR codes
  • Approach Briefing
  • Pre-landing Checks
  • Shutdown
  • Transponder codes
  • Required Instruments
  • After Landing Checks
  • VOR Check tolerances
  • IFR Radio Failure
  • Cleared for the Approach


  • Lost checklist

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