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Mili Std -  Steel Pin, Straight, Headed | MS20392-2C11

Mili Std -  Steel Pin, Straight, Headed | MS20392-2C11

Stated in the name, the MS20392-2C11 is a straight clevis pin with a drilled shank that is made of steel. Further details can be found below.

  • Head Style: Pan No. 2 (R1 Not Required In Item Description)
  • Chamfer Length: 0.046 Inches Nominal
  • Diameter: 0.184 Inches Minimum And 0.186 Inches Maximum
  • Under Head Length: 0.460 Inches Minimum And 0.480 Inches Maximum
  • Hole Arrangement Style: One End Drilled
  • First Hole Diameter: 0.066 Inches Minimum And 0.086 Inches Maximum
  • Distance From Centerline Of Hole To End Of Pin: 0.088 Inches Nominal
  • Hardness Rating: 26.5 Rockwell C Minimum Overall And 32.0 Rockwell C Maximum Overall
  • Pin Chamfer Angle: 15.0 Degrees Nominal
  • Shear Strength: 4140 Double Pound
  • Pin Head Diameter: 0.312 Inches Nominal
  • Height: 0.046 Inches Nominal
  • Material: Steel Comp 4037 Overall Or Steel Comp 4130 Overall Or Steel Comp 8630 Overall
  • Material Document And Classification: Ams 6300 Assn Std 1St Material Response Overall Or Mil-S-6758 Mil Spec 2Nd Material Response Overall Or Mil-S-6050 Mil Spec 3Rd Material Response Overall
  • Surface Treatment: Cadmium Overall And Chromate Overall
  • Surface Treatment Document And Classification: Qq-P-416,Ty 2 Cl 2 Fed Spec Single Treatment Response Overall
  • Style Designator: Straight
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