SkyKleen 2000 Aviation Solvent Paste - Quart | SK2000QT



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SkyKleen 2000 has been found to be a superior product for the removal of cured polysulfide sealants, commonly used through the airframe and has been approved to the Douglas CSD-1 type 3 specification. Attacking the adhesive bond between the sealant and the surface to which it has been applied, SkyKleen 2000 allows lifting of large patches of sealant at a time.  All The same benefits of the Skykleen 1000 but in a paste form for longer lasting set times. 

Apply SkyKleen 2000 to the interface of the sealant and the airframe surface. Using the standard plastic or wooden scraper, pry the sealant up using a back and forth motion allowing the SkyKleen 2000 to flow to the front of the scraper. For thicker sealant layers a pre-soak period is recommended.