Skwoosh - Pilot Seat Fluidized Gel Cushion | PAF6325



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Comfort for Professional Pilots.

Fly with the SKWOOSHG PILOT SEAT with AIR-FLO3D breathable fabric and experience real GǣPilot in CommandGǥ comfort. SKWOOSHG fluidized gel cushions are more comfortable because they relieve pressure on the GǣsitzGǥ bones to help maintain circulation, reduce numbness and lower back discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.

The PILOT SEAT fits all aircraft seats, including those with a central harness attachment and it conveniently fits in most chart cases and carry-ons. The non-skid bottom makes SKWOOSHG stay put, ensuring no movement during use while the low profile (-+Gǥ) allows for normal seat position. SKWOOSHG cushions are made in the USA and are guaranteed for performance and workmanship.


  • Weight: 8 oz.
  • Open dimensions: 15GǥW x 10-+GǥL x -+GǥH
  • Folded dimensions: 7-+GǥW x 10-+GǥL x 1GǥH

Benefits and features:

  • COMFORTABLE G Pressure relief gel prevents numbness and discomfort - fly longer in more comfort
  • CUSHIONING G TekPad- gel cradles your GsitzG bones creating a custom fit
  • AIR-FLO3D G Breathable fabric - natural cool and comfortable
  • PORTABLEG Lightweight, compact, folds for transport & storage
  • AERO DESIGNED G Fits all aircraft seats, including central harness
  • LOW PROFILE G -+Gǥ thick - no change in seat position
  • NON-SKID BOTTOM G Anchors cushion to seat