Protek Air - 8415 18mm Dehydrator Spark Plug | MS27215-2



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Protek Air - 8415 18mm Dehydrator Spark Plug | MS27215-2

If you're storing an aircraft engine and you want to prevent moisture from building up and causing corrosion and rust, use these handy and inexpensive ProtekAir 8415 spark plug dehydrators. The MS27215-2 ProtekAir airplane dehydrator plugs easily fit into the engine's spark plug holes, and the blue gel turns pink when it is saturated with moisture, letting you know how well it's working. They're low maintenance and can be used multiple times simply by baking the moisture-filled pink silica beads.

This innovative device is a must-have if your aircraft is idle for a long period of time, especially in humid locations or during hot, muggy summer months. Moisture inside of your aircraft's engine can cause a lot of rust and corrosion damage, but this is an easy and cheap fix. Watch as the silica gel in the MS272215-2 plug changes color as moisture is effectively absorbed.