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You’ve asked for additional cosmetic products that are easy to use, more economical and make your de-icing boots look good, and that’s why we’ve
introduced Goodrich Aerospace Protectant and Goodrich Aerospace Cleaner. These products are approved for use on de-icing boots of all types and are lab, wind tunnel and flight tested to UTC Aerospace Systems’ high standards. There are various third-party products on the market for use on de-icing boots, but these products are not UTC Aerospace Systems approved, which is important because third-party products may have ingredients that could attack the material and degrade the life of your de-icing boots.

  • Approved for use on Neoprene and Estane® black de-icing boots or Goodrich SILVERboot™ silver de-icing boots
  • Near 100% prevention of UV caused slow fade
  • Resistance to dust, soiling and staining
  • Water-based formula is environmentally friendly
  • Apply as needed — no surface stripping required
  • Simply spray on, wipe off and lightly buff to a glossy shine
  • Perfect cosmetic treatment for your aircraft de-icing boots

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