Mineral Spirits P-D-680 Type II, 5gal | AA59601TY2-5GL

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Mineral Spirits - type II , 5 Gal | P-D-680 T

Don't let greasy, gunky tools be a stain on your reputation. Military Standard P-D-680 Type II mineral spirits solvent is also known as Stoddard solvent, and it will make both you and your tools look good. Though not quite the same as those spirits you mix up in your favorite tumbler, these mineral spirits will get you feeling almost as good, as they'll remove grease, oil, carbon and other junk from metal surfaces. It can also be used as an effective paint thinner, and sometimes, even as a lubricant for reaming and thread cutting.

P-D-680 Type II mineral spirits solvent is a smart alternative for turpentine, as it's less toxic and less flammable. See the P-D-680 MSDS for full safety information.

Note: Type II indicates that in the distillation process, hydro-treatment is used to remove aromatic hydrocarbons.