Leather Guard Cleaner and Conditioner

Nuvite Chemical


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Replaces critical lost oils & helps leather resist cracking from over-drying.

LEATHER GUARD is a conditioning compound designed to lightly clean and restores dull leather, including faux leather. LEATHER GUARD replenishes the natural oils within leather without leaving an oily surface.

  • Cleans and restores leather to a soft, supple, finished leather look and feel
  • Does not leave a slick, shiny, or tacky surface
  • Protects surface from redepositing of soils
  • Conforms to airframe OEM standards and specifications

Leather Guard Approvals

SMI Tests & Approvals

  • D6-7127M
  • FAR 25.853

OEM & Airline Approvals

  • Embraer

Leather Guard Procedures


  1. Pour a small amount of Leather Guard onto a smooth cotton rag.
  2. Apply uniformly over the surface.
  3. Spread & work into the surface.
  4. Use clean dry cotton towel to polish it to a soft luster.
  5. Damaged leather surfaces may benefit from the additional application.