ITT Exelis - Glide Slope Antenna Set Frequency 108-118 MHz 329-335.3 MHz | DMN4-17N

ITT Exelis (D&M - EDO)


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ITT Exelis - Glide Slope Antenna Frequency SET 108-118 MHz 329-335.3 MHz | DMN4-17N

The DMN4-17 VOR/LOC/Glide slope antenna is designed for general aviation, commercial, and military aircraft that operate up to Mach 1.0. The DMN4-17 is designed and qualified to provide a low-cost, lightweight, low-drag antenna for state-of-the-art avionics systems.

The antenna is not only TSO'd, its performance parameters exceed the environmental specifications of MIL-E-5400 Class 3 equipment. Therefore, the DMN4-17 can be installed on single engine to jet engine aircraft.

The balanced loop design of the DMN4-17 assures an omnidirectional radiation pattern at the horizon to obtain the maximum signal for standard VOR and area navigation, which in turn provides more receiving distance and reliable system performance.

The standard system is the DMN4-17/N, which consists of two antenna elements (DMN4-17-1/N), two feed cables and gaskets (DM U212-1 and DM U235-1 respectively), and a phasing coupler (DMN4-17-2). Dual output couplers (DMN4-17-4) are available as well.