Everlube - Concentrate MIL, SPEC MoS2 Solid Film Lubricant, Quart Can | 620C 40%

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Everlube - Concentrate MIL, SPEC MoS2 Solid Film Lubricant,  Quart Can | 620C 40%

You'll be a smooth operator when you use Everlube® 620C MIL SPEC MoS2 solid film lubricant. Why's that? Because Everlube 620C provides good abrasion resistance, very good wear life and it performs at its best in applications involving higher load carrying.

This is a thermally cured MoS2-based solid film lubricant that uses an organic, high molecular weight phenolic binder system. If you're looking for Everlube 620C diluted mil-spec MoS2 solid film lubricant - gallon can, Everlube® 620C quart size or Everlube 620C 40 percent concentrate, we've got all that here for affordable prices.